Traces of Existence

I find myself looking for the unloved objects and locations and telling their story, recording their history before it is lost, covering both local and wider subjects. My work ranges from subjects such as vintage aviation through to derelict buildings and landscapes, capturing them in both film and digital, mixing colour and black and white.
Based within a space at the end of the town and before the next one starts; it encompasses both natural and man-made aspects and acts as a key pathway running alongside the canal and as part of the Trans Pennine trail, initially scoped out my stomping ground based on an Ordnance Survey map of the area in 1913.
My current project looks at recording the change over time of the space in my local area which despite being busy and used by many people passing through can also be unloved and unnoticed. 
Focusing on the transitional nature of the space and how it is used, I use techniques such as multiple exposures to overlay both the static and interchanging aspects. The subject matter of my body of work determines the materials and output. To connect with the transitional nature of the subject, I am working with instant film, where unlike my digital work every frame is unpredictable, and the final result can be different to what I’ve expected. The constant is the mellowed colour tones and smaller than standard polaroids, these are tiny windows into a moment.  The instant film provides me with a physical memory and record of the place, yet is one that remains fragile through its physical form.

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